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Service coordination and service needs assessment – Sointu

The Sointu team consists of 13 social work professionals, who are responsible for organising service coordination and on-call services during office hours for the social services, receiving contacts and child welfare notifications in accordance with the Social Welfare Act, and preparing service needs assessments in cooperation with the clients, their family members, and other relevant professionals. The core task of the Sointu team is to find the right services for persons in need of support in a timely manner. If a customer relationship already exists in some service area or the need for a specific service is evident, the service in question, such as older people services, Kela’s social assistance, or disability services, will be contacted directly.

Service coordination is available on Monday–Friday 8:30–11:30, tel. +358 44 778 3121.
The social counsellor of the Sointu team can be reached in the mornings at the Salo City Hall and also by telephone. The social counsellor provides the locals with advice and guidance in social welfare matters.