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Services for adults

The adult services team serves clients with no underage children in the family.

Guidance and advice on social assistance is available on Mon–Fri 9:00–12:00, tel. +358 2 778 3092. The helpline provides instructions and information on how to fill out and submit an application. You can also contact our chat service for help and advice on Tue–Thu at 12:00–15:00 at

If you have a personal social worker, you can contact them directly by telephone.

The family team is responsible for organising social services for families with children.

You can apply for supplementary and preventive social assistance from the municipality.

However, Kela still oversees the basic social assistance, which must be applied for before submitting an application for supplementary or preventive social assistance to the municipality. Kela may also grant you social assistance if the payment of your primary benefit, such as unemployment benefit or sickness allowance, is delayed.

Adult services offer help and support when you are in need of the following:

  •  assistance of a social welfare professional to prevent or solve problems
  •  guidance and advice on social security benefits and social services
  •  support for managing your economy and everyday life
  •  guidance in applying for an apartment or securing an apartment
  •  supplementary or preventive social assistance
  •  guidance in finding a suitable job or rehabilitation service.

The services of social workers and social counsellors are only available by appointment.