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At-home hospital care

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland will organise social and health services as of 1 January 2023. The services and receptions offered to the residents of Salo will remain unchanged, but the content of these pages will no longer be updated. The most recent information can be found at

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Acute, short-term, and intensive medical care and palliative care at home

At-home hospital care is available in the entire Salo region.

  • Home visits by nurses according to the customer’s need for treatment
  • Home visits by a physician on weekdays by prior arrangement as needed
  • Home visit appointments are not scheduled for night-time, but customers of the at-home hospital care services can still reach a nurse even at night by telephone.

Patients are admitted to at-home hospital care with a referral from a physician, provided that:

  • the patient wishes to receive at-home care
  • can be treated safely at home according to the physician’s instructions
  • can manage daily activities either on their own or with the help of loved ones or support services.

The customer fee covers all home visits made by nurses and physicians, irrespective of their number, as well as basic treatment supplies, intravenous medications, test-phase medicines, and x-ray scans and laboratory tests related to the treatment period in question.