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Social emergency services

Social emergency services in Salo during office hours

In situations requiring urgent and necessary measures, the social emergency services can be reached through the Emergency Response Centre (112) 24/7 all year round, or by calling +358 44 778 3121 on Mon–Thu at 8:00–15:30 and on Fridays and days preceding the eve of a national holiday at 8:00–15:00.

As a rule, matters related to the custody or maintenance of a child or a parent’s visitation rights are not handled by the social emergency services. Instead, such matters should be sorted out with child supervisors during office hours.

Social emergency services outside office hours

Social emergency services are also organised outside office hours to ensure the availability of urgent and necessary assistance. In Salo, emergency services outside office hours are organised by the social emergency services of the City of Turku, tel. +358 2 2626 003. You can also contact the social emergency services via the Emergency Response Centre (112).