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Social services

Social services include service coordination and service needs assessment, social services for adults and families, child guidance and family counselling, child welfare supervision and child protection services, and services for the disabled. Early family work and home services for families with children are provided in cooperation with the city health services.

Contacting social services for a service needs assessment

If a person is in obvious need of social welfare services, they must be referred to the appropriate services, or a notification must be submitted to the municipal social services.

The obligation to provide guidance and to contact the necessary authorities falls on all health care professionals and social workers, all employees of the social welfare, educational, sports, day-care, and rescue services, and anyone working for the Finnish Emergency Services, the police, Kela, the employment and economic development authority, Finnish Customs, enforcement authorities, or the Criminal Sanctions Agency. Other parties may also contact the social welfare services in the above-mentioned matters. However, the person in question must give their consent for contacting the social services.

If a consent is not obtained, the social welfare services must still be contacted without delay if

the person is unable to take responsibility of their own health and safety; or
a child’s best interests are at stake.

Contacting the social welfare services for getting a child’s need for support assessed replaces any previous requests for assessing the need for child welfare measures. However, a child welfare notification must be submitted without delay, if the parties concerned do not give their consent for contacting the social welfare services, and if the criteria for making a child welfare notification are met.

In emergency situations, the social welfare services can be reached by telephone during office hours at the numbers indicated on the City of Salo website, or around the clock through the social emergency services (112).