Daycare and education

Early childhood education and care services produce children´s day care in daycare centres and family daycare. In addition, the services provide pre-primary education, special early childhood education and care as well as open early childhood education and care services: open daycare centre, play school and playground services.

Basic education services produce basic education according to the curriculum set for children of compulsory school attendance age at schools. In addition, the services provide afternoon club activities.

Upper secondary school services produce secondary studies after basic education that improve general knowledge and ability in upper secondary schools. Upper secondary school studies aim at taking the matriculation examination and becoming eligible for studies at a higher education institute.

The adult education centre organises liberal adult education studies for people of all ages as well as basic education in the arts according to a general curriculum for children and young people. It is also possible to complete open university and open university of applied sciences courses at the education centre. The adult education centre also provides payment service and personnel training.

The music institute provides education according to the advanced curriculum in music in the basic education of the arts. The offered studies include early childhood music education, aimed primarily at under-school-age children as well as basic and institute level instruction aimed primarily at basic-education-age and upper-secondary-school-age children and young people. An adult division also operates in the music institute.