International affairs

The City of Salo is implementing its international operations from a position that is the result of major changes: Salo has suffered one of the greatest changes in Finnish industrial history and is trying to renew itself and create a new success story both locally and internationally. Globalisation has made cities ever more important units and Salo wishes to benefit from the positive effects that internationalisation can bring.

A well-coordinated international operation will improve Salo´s competitive capabilities. Cooperation at the local, regional and national level is important in international operations; Salo can become well-known throughout the word alongside other Finnish cities. The City of Salo considers that it is important to participate in various international level networks and programmes which will bring long-term benefits and value to Finnish cities.

Salo´ tools to create an international impact are its international policy, participation in networks, European lobbying, the city´s diplomacy and hospitality, international communications and marketing.