Housing and environment

In Salo one can live in either the city centre, the suburbs or sparsely-populated areas. The city has many different kinds of residential areas located in diverse surroundings, including forests, fields, lakes and the sea. The city has good basic housing support services in both the centre and in a number of district centres and service villages. The city offers both right-of-residence housing and rental housing. There is much rental accommodation available in different parts of the city in both apartment blocks and terraced housing.

Different kinds of plots are available in different areas for building homes or industrial buildings. Plots of land are available both by the sea and also in the city centre or close to the E18 motorway. There are also plots of land available in different industrial areas which have good transport connections.

The goal of land use planning and urban planning is to plan and develop the city and guide land use and construction in the area. Matters related to property formation and property addresses also guide construction developments. Different kinds of permits are also needed for constructing new buildings and renovating old ones. Construction supervision and environmental protection authorities deal with the required construction permits.

Salo´s nature and surroundings are diverse owing to the varied topography and landscape forms and the favourable climate. The cultural landscape features groves, rocky cliffs, sandy ridges, the seashore and archipelago, and nature that has been moulded by human activity. The abundance of waterways has its own impact on the environment, being reflected for example in the large number of holiday homes. The built environment is varying in age, often of cultural-historic value, and divided between densely built-up localities and spacious rural areas.