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Family counselling centre

Our services are intended for Salo residents aged 0–16 and their families, as well as for expecting parents. You can become a customer by calling the centre during the service hours, by sending an electronic contact request (in Finnish), or with a referral. All visits are confidential and free of charges. If necessary, we will arrange interpretation services for your appointment.

When should you contact the family counselling centre?

  • You need support with coping as a parent and raising your child.
  • You are pregnant and have concerns about becoming a parent or how older siblings will take to the baby.
  • Life with the baby feels overwhelming.
  • Your child has problems at home, in day-care, at school, or with their friends.
  • You are concerned about your child’s behaviour, ability to cope socially, or emotional development.
  • There are conflicts between family members.
  • Changes have occurred in the situation or relationships within your family, or you have encountered losses.
  • You want to discuss a divorce or parenthood after the divorce.
  • Relationships between stepfamily members are troubling you.

Contact us if you have any concerns regarding a child, the situation in your family, or parenting in general!

Appointments and helpline

The helpline and booking service is intended for Salo-based parents with children aged 0–16, for expecting parents, and for our partners. During the helpline service hours, you can talk to a psychologist or a social worker. If you do not want to book an appointment, you can talk to the professionals anonymously.