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Maternity and child health clinics

The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland will organise social and health services as of 1 January 2023. The services and receptions offered to the residents of Salo will remain unchanged, but the content of these pages will no longer be updated. The most recent information can be found at

See the most up-to-date information here

The operation of the maternity and child health clinics consists of regular check-ups and separately arranged appointments with a public health nurse or a physician. Health promotion, illness prevention, and early detection are all central aspects of our work. We build confidential and equality-based customer relationships to support families and help them to harness their own resources.

Maternity clinics monitor the progress of pregnancy and the health of both the mother and the child, and support the mothers during the pregnancy and also after the child is born. Cooperation with the family then continues at the child health clinic.

The child health clinics serve children under school age and their families.

The goal of family planning services is to promote and maintain sexual health. Salo residents under the age of 25 receive free contraceptives from the family planning services or from the school nurse according to their individual needs.

The call-back system is open from Monday to Thursday 8:00–14:00 and on Fridays 8:00–12:00. The telephone number is +358 2 772 3551. You should only call the call-back system once, and the clinic will call you back during the same day.