Public guardianship

The purpose of guardianship provided by guardianship services is to supervise the interest and rights of persons unable to take care of their financial affairs due to an illness, disability or some other reason. A guardian can be appointed to such a person with the help of the guardianship services. The guardian will take care of the person´s matters and represent his or her interests, together with the person or on his or her behalf. A close relative or a public guardian can act as a guardian.

A public guardian can be appointed to a person who has not named anyone for the position in his or her application and/or when the Local Register Office has not found any close relative or other person fit for guardianship.

In Salo, the public guardianship office of the City of Salo is responsible for public guardianship.

The Local Register Office acts as the guardianship authority. Applications for beginning guardianship are submitted to the Local Register Office, as is the case with notices of persons in need of guardianship. The Local Register Office/District Court makes the decisions on beginning guardianship and the guardian.

The guardianship authority of the Salo region is the guardianship department of the Salo unit, Local Register Office of Southwest Finland, Kirkkokatu 1-3B, 24100 Salo (State council office), tel. +358 29 553 9441.

More information about the guardianship provided by the guardianship services is available at the Local Register Office website