Social Welfare Services

The Salo Social Services Centre is open:
Mon.-Thu. 8 am-4 pm
Fri. 8 am-2.45 pm,.

The telephone hours for all social workers, social counsellors and child welfare workers are Mon.-Fri., 11 am-noon.

You always need an appointment to meet with the social workers, social counsellors or child welfare workers.

Adult social welfare refers to social welfare services and rehabilitative, employment and preventive measures for the adult population and young adults. Adult social welfare involves systematic, target-oriented and multidisciplinary work designed for the overall rehabilitation of clients in need of support and services, as well as to stabilise their life situation and prevent difficulties.

The goal of social support is to maintain and promote the client´s capacity to live in a safe and independent manner. Further aims include empowering the client, independent living, good quality of life and life control, awareness of and respect for cultural differences.
Adult social welfare services can provide support and help when

  • the principal benefits are insufficient
  • you need guidance, advice and social assistance related to social security benefits and social welfare services
  • you have problems with housing
  • you need support and help with managing day-to-day life
  • you need support and help finding alternatives for work, education, family problems, relationships or problems related to other difficulties