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Open vacancies in Salo

Salo and its 50,000 residents have a very simple recipe for a carefree life. Interesting career challenges carry you along. Nature and clean waters give your mind a rest. Hobbies and services add meaning to your life and bring support for your day-to-day life. The simple streets of a small town are easy to walk on, yet the benefits of a big city are available every day. At best, there is only a few minutes’ journey to the stores, the school and nature alike.

Salo now has a number of interesting vacancies for first-timers as well as skilled professionals in different fields.
Come and work in Salo! You can travel from Turku to Salo in less than an hour, and the journey from Helsinki takes no more than just over an hour.

Job openings in Salo have been collected on the Töihin Saloon website. Explore the opportunities and apply.

Vacancies on the Töihin Saloon website

Vacancies in the City of Salo

The City of Salo uses the service for recruitment. The service’s privacy statement is available on the website.

Check out our vacancies and join us in making Salo a better place, every day!

Vacancies in Salo on Kuntarekry  

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