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Local government pilot on employment

The City of Salo, Koski Tl, and Marttila participate in a local government pilot on employment between 2021 and 2024. In the pilot, some of the unemployed jobseekers will be transferred from the TE Office to the employment services of their home municipality.

Am I a customer of the local government pilot?

In Salo, the customers of the local government pilot include all unemployed jobseekers, jobseekers employed through a subsidy scheme, and jobseekers in a service promoting employment, provided that their municipality of residence is located in the pilot area and they

do not meet the requirements for receiving earnings-related daily allowance, or are under 30 years of age, immigrants, or foreign-language speakers.

How can I register as a jobseeker and become a customer of the local government pilot?

If you belong to the target group of the local government pilot in Salo, you will be notified in person. The transfer to the local government pilot takes place automatically, and you do not need to contact your municipality of residence or the TE Office.

During the pilot, new jobseekers must register with the TE Office.

You can explore the new model of customer service for jobseekers here: The new model of customer service for jobseekers.

Always remember to notify the TE Office of all changes in your job search omaasiointi, (in Finnish and Swedish).

(Please note! The TE Office is responsible for the interviews and selections for labour market training.)

Labour policy statement ( Contains up-to-date information in Finnish and Swedish on the average processing time of the expert statements.)