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Services for jobseekers

The goal of the City of Salo’s employment services is to improve the employment situation in the region in collaboration with other operators. The employment services are responsible for the organisation of rehabilitative work activities, pay-subsidised jobs in the city services, workshops for long-term unemployed or customers of the cross-sectoral TYP service, employment subsidies paid by the City of Salo to companies and communities, and summer employment subsidies for young people.

The employment services strive to develop the services available for the unemployed and offer job coaching to support employment. The cross-sectoral joint service (TYP) that promotes employment in Southwest Finland is part of our operations.

The City of Salo is involved in a local government pilot on employment from 1 March 2021 to 2024. The local government pilot in Salo also includes Koski Tl and Marttila. In the local government pilot on employment, some of the unemployed jobseekers are transferred from the TE Office to the employment services of their home municipality.

The employment services office is located at the Waltti centre at Salorankatu 5–7. At Waltti, you can find the city’s rehabilitative work activities, the TYP services, and the services for pay-subsidised employment. Moreover, Waltti serves as a venue for versatile workshop activities, and the local health care services for the long-term unemployed can also be found there. In addition, the Waltti facilities serve the customers of the local government pilot on employment on appointment.

Voimala 2.0, the service point for Salo jobseekers, is part of the city employment services, and it is located next to the Salo City Library. Moreover, Voimala houses the on-call service for the local government pilot on employment and the One-Stop Guidance Centre (Ohjaamo) for people under the age of 30. There is also a public café in connection with the service point.

A list of all vacancies in Salo can be found at Job Market Finland site.