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Weighted-curriculum education

Special classes in comprehensive schools

In the City of Salo, pupils in grade 3 and up of basic education can attend weighted-curriculum education in a special class. The options are English-oriented teaching at the schools of Alhainen and Ollikkala or music-oriented teaching at the Uskela school.

Special classes in grades 7–9

Pupils in grades 7–9 can choose to attend weighted-curriculum education with emphasis on languages, communication and information technology, mathematics and natural sciences, or music.

  • The language-oriented class in the Hermanni school admits students only based on a separate entrance examination.
  • Pupils in the music-oriented class at the Uskela school will continue to the music classes of the Moisio school. If necessary, an entrance examination will also be organised for the music class in Moisio.
  • Applying for the other special classes (media class in Moisio and LUMA class in Armfelt) takes place through entrance examinations in January–February of grade 6.