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Early childhood education and care fees

The early childhood education fees are determined in accordance with the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care and the decision of the Salo Education Committee.

The highest fee for early childhood education is EUR 295 per month, and the lowest fee to be collected is EUR 28 per month. The fee is rounded up to the closest amount in even euros.

The highest fee is charged for the family’s youngest child attending full-time early childhood education. If the same family has more than one child in municipal early childhood education, the fee for the second-youngest child in full-time day-care can be no more than 40 per cent of the fee of the youngest child, at most EUR 118 per month. For each child after that, the fee is at most 20 per cent of the fee charged for the youngest child. The fee charged for the second child and for any child after that is determined based on the youngest child’s imputed costs of full-time day-care.

The fees are based on the hourly service need selected by the guardian:
• Early childhood education for at most 80 h/month (60% of the full-time fee)
• Early childhood education for at most 140 h/month (80% of the full-time fee)
• Early childhood education for at least 140 h/month (100% full-time fee)
• Day-care to complement pre-primary education or the free education for five-year-olds (hours/month include the cost-free amount of 80 h/month):
at most 160 h /calendar month (60% of the full-time fee)
at least 161 h/calendar month (80% of the full-time fee)