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Salo Upper Secondary School

Salo Upper Secondary School is the largest general upper secondary school in the city, and it is situated in a central location near the Salo Sports Park. Our school offers a contemporary and constantly evolving learning environment and a wide range of courses with numerous study path options. Our key themes are well-being, entrepreneurial attitude, and internationality.

We co-operate with several higher education institutions. Our Erasmus+ accreditation is valid until 2027. With the help of this accreditation, we can widely implement internationality and student mobility in Europe. We are an internationally attractive partner, and our school is regularly visited by foreign students, teachers, and researchers.

There are five specialised lines in the Salo Upper Secondary School: music, science, business, and sports, and the adult education line. Students can apply for the different lines (except for the adult line) through the joint application process, and the line studies proceed according to a versatile, specifically weighted study plan. Moreover, we provide active athletes with an opportunity to combine goal-oriented, coached training with general upper secondary education through sports coaching.

Our school also offers a wide range of language studies. We organise courses in English, Swedish, German, French, Russian, and Spanish as contact studies. You can also take online courses in Chinese and Japanese. As a rule, the adult education line is intended for students over the age of 18 who have not yet started their upper secondary studies or have dropped out of upper secondary school.

The daily life at Salo Upper Secondary School is versatile. In addition to studying, we organise theme days, band concerts, joint events, excursions, study trips, and much more. We take great pride in the team spirit and the level of student satisfaction at our school. Welcome to Salo Upper Secondary School!