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Salo Music Institute

Enter the inspiring and goal-oriented world of music!

Salo Music Institute provides goal-oriented instruction according to the advanced curriculum in music in the basic education of the arts. The institute is open to anyone with a domicile in Salo.

The teaching consists primarily of early childhood music education intended for children under school age, basic and advanced studies intended mainly for school-age children, and teaching aimed at adults. The purpose of the music institute is to provide pupils with opportunities to study music in a goal-oriented long-term manner and according to their own interests. The teaching is aimed at establishing a foundation for a positive relationship with music and for lifelong enthusiasm and love for music. Moreover, studying at the music institute also provides students with the abilities and skills they need to apply for vocational studies in music.

Salo Music Institute has a significant role in the local cultural sector. Each academic year, the students organise dozens of concerts and other events, thus offering musical experiences to all Salo residents.

Welcome to the wonderful world of music!