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Halikko Upper Secondary School

Halikko Upper Secondary School provides its students with a positive atmosphere, a contemporary study environment, and an enthusiastic teaching staff. We foster a positive energy, which manifests itself as a strong sense of community and a will to care for others. In our school, the team spirit is strengthened by numerous joint events, such as the coronation day, field trips, porridge festival, floorball tournament, opera trips, and the spring festival.

Halikko Upper Secondary School offers a wide variety of optional courses in comfortably sized study groups. Students can also choose to refresh their English and Swedish skills with starter courses at the beginning of the general upper secondary studies. The studies available in languages, mathematics, and humanities and natural sciences include a range of studies aimed at students taking the matriculation examination. On average, you can take up to six credits’ worth of studies (meaning three courses) in mathematics and sciences in each period throughout your upper secondary studies.

Students interested in art and physical education can complete upper secondary school diplomas in visual arts, sports, and music. You can also take courses in newspaper editorial work, study computer science at the University of Turku, or join the school band or choir. The school newspaper Halulehti and the Halukuoro choir consisting of nearly 100 students are known throughout the city and beyond. In addition, many students participate in our school’s annual study trips abroad.

The key strength of the Halikko Upper Secondary School is taking care of its students. Here, each student is treated as an individual, whose studies are supported by the teachers and tutors, as well as the school’s guidance counsellor, special needs teacher, nurse, social worker, and psychologist. In addition, the vibrant student union and tutoring activities at our school offer a great opportunity to get involved in organising events and developing our school.

Year after year, national comparisons show that the students of Halikko Upper Secondary School are achieving great results in the matriculation examinations. Success in upper secondary school provides a good basis for further studies. In fact, Halikko Upper Secondary School is often referred to as the number one upper secondary school in Salo!