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Burying small animals

When you lose a dog, cat, or some other household pet, it is advisable to bury the animal in the local pet cemetery. No permits are needed to bury an animal in the pet cemetery, and no costs are charged from the owner of the animal.

The Salo Region Animal Welfare Association runs the Peppursuo pet cemetery on a voluntary basis. The City of Salo’s pet cemetery is located in Kaivola in Pertteli (Somerontie 932). There are directions to the cemetery from Somerontie.

You can also bury your pet in the garden of your house or summer cottage under certain conditions:

  • The landowner’s permission is always required to bury an animal.
  •  The burying of an animal may not cause any hazard to human or animal health.
  • It is forbidden to bury animals in ground water areas, less than 250 metres from a well, or in a slope leading to a water body.
  •  Small animals must be buried at a depth of at least 50 centimetres.
  •  Animals may not be buried in a plastic bag or other non-degradable packaging.

If you bury a pet elsewhere than in a pet cemetery, cremation is recommended. You can contact the veterinary clinics in the Salo region for more information on the cremation of pets.