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Pest animals in the home and outdoors

First, you can try to identify the uninvited guests yourself by using resources such as identification manuals and the internet. There are numerous species that are found indoors as well as outdoors, and most of them are completely harmless. However, there are also pests that can cause damages to textiles and food or be harmful to human health. For help with species recognition, see the website of the City of Helsinki Environment Services.

If you are unable to identify the species by yourself or need information or help to exterminate the pests, you can contact the environmental health protection unit for advice. The health inspector may obligate the owner or holder of the property or public area to take action to exterminate any pest animals causing health hazards in the property or public area.

Exterminating insects at home

You can try to exterminate harmful insects by yourself using pesticides. If the extermination is not successful, contact the pest control services (private households) or the building manager (housing companies). Certain insect species can cause health hazards in residential dwellings. These species include bedbugs, cockroaches, and pharaoh ants.

Reducing damages caused by rodents

  • Keep the yard clean (e.g. mow the lawn regularly, get rid of excess plants, and remove construction waste from yard areas).
  • Remove all food sources that may attract rodents (e.g. limit the feeding of birds, do not place biowaste in an open compost, pick up any fruit that have fallen from trees, and keep the waste bins in good condition).
  • Mice can be exterminated with traps, but getting rid of rats often requires professional pest control.