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Zoning and urban planning

Land use services

Raimo Inkinen, Director of Land Use Services, is responsible for the operation of land use services. The services are divided into five different responsible teams: local detailed planning, master planning, plot services, real estate formation and geographic information services. More information is available on their respective webpages.


Zoning refers to land use planning aimed at the construction of a good living environment. The City of Salo is responsible for drawing up local master plans, local detailed plans, and detailed shore plans for the entire municipal area.

The goal of land use planning is to produce the necessary local detailed plans and master plans to support the growth and development of the urban structure. Land use planning steers the use and construction of different areas, as well as the organisation of traffic and transport connections. More information on the most important current or soon-to-be pending plans can be found in the planning review, which is drawn up once a year.

The tasks of the urban planning services also include supporting the work of building supervision authorities by drawing up building permit statements, as well as preparing special construction-related deviation decisions and decisions on planning needs.

Under the Land Use and Building Act, buildings may not be constructed on shore areas without a local detailed plan or a local master plan intended for guiding the construction work. If no plan exists, a deviation decision is required for the construction work. The construction of shore areas can be controlled by means of a detailed shore plan drawn up by the landowner.