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Veterinary services

Practicioning veterinarians respond to urgent house calls to animal farms and see patients at farms and clinics on appointment. The veterinarians also provide basic health care services for livestock farms.

Pets are treated at the veterinary clinics with emphasis on basic health care and treatment of illnesses. The clinics are well equipped for performing routine procedures such as vaccinations, tartar removal, and the spaying and neutering of animals. Contact your veterinarian for more information on the available services and procedures. The city veterinarians have the right to charge fees for their services in accordance with the municipal price scale.

There are no veterinary nurses at the clinics nor a possibility to offer intensive care. When you bring an animal in for surgery or major procedures are planned for your animal, the risk for surgical complications and even death of the animal is greater than at specially equipped clinics.

If your animal falls ill in the evening or during the weekend, on-call veterinarians are at your service.