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Streets and traffic planning

Street plans

Streets, pedestrian and bicycle lanes, and other public areas are designed in accordance with the valid local detailed plans on areas reserved for them.

A local detailed plan establishes the layout of the streets and determines what kind of traffic is allowed in the area. An area can be reserved for a public street, bicycle lane, pedestrian zone, or low-speed residential street, or for maintenance traffic only. No exceptions can be made to the street layout established in the local detailed plan without amending the entire plan.

Approval process for street plans

Under section 43 of the Land Use and Building Decree, street plans drawn up according to the local detailed plan must be displayed for public viewing for 14 days. The owners of properties in the area shall be notified of the displayed plan in writing. Moreover, information on the displayed street plans will also be published on the city website, and objections can be submitted to the plan as instructed.

After the public viewing, the Salo Urban Development Committee will process any submitted objections on the viewed plans and decide on the approval of the street plans.