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Suspected health hazards in housing units and public spaces

If you suspect a health hazard in your home, always contact the property owner first. The property owner is obliged to investigate the matter and see to the maintenance of the building.

If the property owner fails to take action, you can contact a municipal health inspector. An inspection may also be carried out on the initiative of a person other than the resident or the property owner if there is a strong suspicion of a health hazard.

A time for the inspection is set in advance with the resident, and a notification is sent to both the building manager and the property owner. They are given the opportunity to be present during the inspection. The first inspection is free of charge.

If you suspect a health hazard in public spaces (such as a day-care centre or school, accommodation facility, or gym or other sports facility), you should primarily contact the person responsible for the facility in question. If necessary, you can also report your suspicions to the local health inspector.