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Building supervision

Building supervisors oversee the built environment, grants building permits, and monitors the use of said permits. Permits subject to the Land Use and Building Act include building permits, action permits, demolition permits, permits for landscape work, and notification procedures.

Applying for a permit online

The building supervision unit processes permit applications through the Lupapiste service. is an electronic service in which building projects are processed from guidance requests all the way to the completion of the project in cooperation between the builder, the designer, and the authorities. Enquiries related to the construction site or construction work can be submitted as guidance requests.

Contact information

The building supervision unit is available Mon–Thu 8:00–16:00 and Fri 8:00–14:45 by telephone and e-mail
The service point at the Halikko council office is open Tue–Thu 9:00–15:00. Customers are primarily served on appointment.