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Plots, land areas and addresses

Land use services

Raimo Inkinen, Director of Land Use Services, is responsible for the operations of the land use services. The services have been divided between five teams: plot services, real estate formation, geographic information, local detailed planning, and master planning. More detailed information is available on the website of the urban planning services.

Plot services

The plot services include, among others, the presentation of residential and business plots in the City of Salo, reservations and leases, landed property administration, land ownership investigations, orders for map printouts and documents, and the management of commercial and recreational forests. The unit is headed by Building Plot Services Engineer Mikko Aaltonen.

Real estate formation

The unit covers issues such as plot division matters, real estate formation and registers in areas in downtown Salo and Halikko that are covered by a detailed plan (excluding Vaskio and Vartsala and the areas in central Perniö that are covered by a detailed plan), private road matters, address matters, easement issues, and other land-related contract issues. These services are managed by Cadastral Surveyor Hanna Heikkilä.

Geographic information services

The services include, for example, measurements required for building permits, civil engineering measurements, maintenance of the base map for the city plan, control point measurements, representing the city in legal cadastral surveys, and repossession matters. The geographic information unit is responsible for the primary use and administration of the geographical information system and maintains the city’s own guide map. The geographic information services are headed by GIS Manager Marko Laiho.