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Self-preparedness means preventing accidents, protecting people, property, and the environment in emergency situations, and preparing for rescue measures that you can carry out independently. The goal of self-preparedness is to prevent accidents such as home accidents, fires, and water or storm damages, to identify risks, and to take the correct actions in emergency situations. Self-preparedness is an invaluable civic skill.

Home emergency supplies

Each home should have the necessary supplies to cope independently for at least three days in case of an emergency. Therefore, it is advisable to have at least three days’ worth of food and medicines at home. It is also important to know the basics of self-preparedness, such as where to get accurate information in emergency situations and how to cope if the temperature drops at home.

You can find more information on self-preparedness on the website on preparedness maintained by the authorities and NGOs.

Accident prevention

Each person is responsible for preventing fires and other accidents, and for maintaining their own safety and the safety of the environment. You can find comprehensive instructions for the prevention of home and leisure accidents on the Accidents in the home website maintained by the Finnish Red Cross.

What to do in emergency situations

When an accident occurs, all people are obligated by law to stop at the scene of the accident, initiate rescue measures in line with their own skills, and call the emergency number. Help whenever you can; put out a small fire, give first aid, alarm, guide, and call the emergency number 112 to report the accident.

If you have an accident out at sea, call the emergency number 112 or the national maritime search and rescue emergency number 0294 1000.

If the accident involves an animal, call the emergency number if public safety is at significant risk or if the mission requires the special equipment or expertise of authorities. If not, you can contact, for example, a veterinarian, an animal welfare association, or the service numbers of the rescue department.