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Emergency preparedness

It is the duty of the municipality to carry out its critical tasks and safeguard the well-being of its residents regardless of any external or internal disruptions, threats, or risks. The City of Salo ensures the continuity of its operations through continuity management and other measures aimed at preventing or controlling disruptions, such as continuous collaboration with authorities and regular training.

Continuity management refers to an operating model whereby organisations can boost their capacity and preparedness to carry out their key tasks in all circumstances. In Salo, emergency preparedness is the responsibility of the mayor, and the practical steering of the operations falls on the city security team.

Crisis management team

The crisis management team consists of the mayor’s management team, which includes the mayor, administrative director, director of human resources, director of urban development, director of education and cultural services, director of social and health services, financial director, and the head of communications. Experts from different fields and representatives of various authorities can also take part in the team’s activities as necessary.

Communications in emergencies

In case of disruptions and emergencies, the city will use all available communication channels, meaning the city’s online services, social media channels, media releases, paid notifications, and also print publications if the disruption is prolonged. Moreover, the city service points will also serve as communication channels in emergency situations.
The city cannot independently decide to issue a general emergency warning. Instead, the decision is always made by the authorities, such as the rescue authorities or the police. In addition to the media channels, emergency warnings are published also, for example, on the 112 application available for download on mobile phones.

Water supply disturbances

In situations where the tap water is not safe to use or the supply of water has been disrupted due to, for example, an extensive electrical malfunction, water will be delivered to the locals with tank trucks in separately announced locations. It is advisable to have a large water container with a lid at home for getting water in the case of an emergency.