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The City Council

The supreme decision-making organ in Salo is the City Council. The City Council makes the most important financial decisions, and those related to the city administration further vesting its powers in other organs such as the City Board, various committees, boards and individual officials.

The City Council elects the members of the city’s organs and makes appointments to the most important offices.
Administration and economy web pages provide information on city administration, for example, the City Budget and the City of Salo’s Annual Report.

The 51-member Salo City Council is elected by municipal elections every fourth year. The City Council, the city’s supreme decision-making organ, makes decisions on all important financial matters such as the budget, income tax percentage and various administration appropriations.

Salo City Council Meetings

The City Council meetings are open to the public unless otherwise decreed by the City Council on special occasions. The public entrance to City Hall is located at Tehdaskatu 2.

Agendas and minutes (in Finnish)

Members (in Finnish)