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Safety and security

Safety and security are basic human rights and something that everyone from authorities and communities to citizens and enterprises can affect through their own actions.

Comprehensive Security is a Finnish preparedness cooperation model in which the vital functions of society are looked after through cooperation between the authorities, the business community, organisations, and citizens.

The Security Committee assists the Government and ministries in broad matters pertaining to comprehensive security. The Committee follows the development of Finnish society and its security environment and coordinates proactive preparedness related to comprehensive security.

Good internal security means that everyone in Finland can enjoy the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the rule of law without fear or insecurity caused by crime, disorder, accidents, or other regrettable national or international events.

The Internal Security Strategy is a road map for ensuring that Finland will be the safest country in the world, as envisaged in the Government Programme. The strategy was adopted by the Government on 5 October 2017.

In the contemporary digitalised society, cyber security is an increasingly essential part of the overall experience of safety, and the importance of information security competence as a civic skill is constantly increasing.

The National Cyber Security Centre develops and monitors the reliability and security of communication networks and services and provides updates on the status of information security in Finland.

In terms of public safety, the City of Salo has drawn up a safety plan for each city service sector, and the city’s own cyber security programme is being prepared.