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Organisational structure

The municipal organisation consists of two levels: elected officials and the city personnel.

The elected officials exercise political decision-making power in the city. The elected officials include the City Council, the City Board, and the different committees. Moreover, matters related to the city’s operations are processed in different councils and working groups, such as the Immigrant Council, Youth Council, Romani Working Group, Gender Equality Commission, Delegation of Disability Associations, Council on Disability, Senior Citizens’ Council, and Delegation of War Veterans. The City Council exercises the highest authority in the city.

The city personnel are responsible for preparatory work, the implementation of decisions, and carrying out hands-on operational activities. The officeholders do have some power to make independent decisions as well, in keeping with the provisions of the administrative regulations of the city. The city organisation consisting of the personnel is headed by the mayor.

In Salo, the new city personnel took office on 1 April 2020. The city personnel are divided between six sectors: urban development services, building and environmental services, education and cultural services, and social and health services, as well as the administrative services and financial and personnel services, which are part of the city’s corporate services unit. In addition, the Salo city organisation includes the city auditing service which operates directly under the mayor, and Salo Water Utility operating under the City Board.

The Salo Group consists of joint municipal authorities, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies.