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The highest decision-making organ in Salo is the City Council. Salo residents elect the members of the Council every four years. The City Council makes most important financial decisions as well as those related to the city’s administration.

The City Council appoints the members of the City Board, which is responsible for the practicalities of the city´s administration and management of finances. The City Board runs the city´s administration and prepares all issues to be discussed by the City Council. It supervises and represents the city and its interests.

Anna-Kristiina Korhonen is the Mayor of Salo. He serves under the City Board and manages the city´s administration and finances.

The city also has several committees and boards that supervise and run the activities of their respective fields. For example, the Youth Council is in charge of youth issues, and the Council for the Disabled handles issues concerning people with disabilities in Salo.