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The library services of Salo have offices all around the city. In addition to the Salo Main Library, you can visit the local libraries of Halikko, Kiikala, Kisko, Kuusjoki, Muurla, Perniö, Pertteli, Suomusjärvi and Särkisalo, and there is also a mobile library at your service.

The libraries in Salo belong to the Vaski network, a consortium of libraries in Southwest Finland. All Vaski libraries share a common online library, library card, and transport service, as well as common rules of use.

Salo libraries on the map

Salo Main Library

Halikko library

Kiikala library

Kisko library

Kuusjoki library

Muurla library

Perniö library

Pertteli library

Suomusjärvi library

Särkisalo library

Mobile library of the Salo Main Library

Mobile library of the Halikko library