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Self-service libraries

Eight of the nine local libraries in Salo serve customers as self-service libraries. This means that you can freely use the libraries of Halikko, Kiikala, Kisko, Kuusjoki, Muurla, Pertteli, Suomusjärvi and Särkisalo every day of the year between 7:00 and 20:00. You can enter the library using your Vaski library card and your PIN code.

The staff is present in self-service libraries on 2–5 days a week. You can find the addresses, service hours, and contact information of the self-service libraries on their own websites:
Halikko library
Kiikala library
Kisko library
Kuusjoki library
Muurla library
Pertteli library
Suomusjärvi library
Särkisalo library

During self-service hours, you can

  • borrow and return material using a lending machine
  • pick up reservations
  • use the customer terminals
  • read newspapers and magazines
  • explore exhibitions (in the libraries of Kisko and Suomusjärvi)
  • study or do your homework.

During self-service hours, you cannot

  • use the services of the city service point
  • pay overdue fees
  • explore exhibitions (in the libraries of Kiikala, Kuusjoki and Muurla).

The operation of the self-service libraries is based on trust. It is the responsibility of each customer to ensure that the library remains an inviting place for everyone, even during the self-service hours. Respect your fellow customers and leave the facilities clean and tidy after your visit. Each self-service library has a message book which you can use to give feedback to the library staff.

The security of self-service libraries is monitored via access control and recording video surveillance. Each customer must use their own library card to access the library, with the exception of children coming to the library with their parents. It is advisable to ensure that you do not let anyone else into the library with you, as the person who opened the door is also responsible for the behaviour of others they may let in. Moreover, parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour in the library facilities.

If you do not have a PIN code for your Vaski library card, you can obtain the code by visiting any Vaski library. The PIN code of a child under 15 years old is only given to the child’s guardian. The staff of the self-service libraries is happy to assist you with the use of the machines and tell you more about the available services.

Welcome to the self-service libraries!