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Salo is a vibrant and attractive cultural city that offers something to do all year round. In collaboration with the local and visiting artists, the city’s Cultural Services coordinate and produce various events, happenings and workshops for the entire Salo region and in all forms of art including music, dance, cinema, festivals, theatre, fine art and public art.

In addition, the city also operates the Salo Art Museum Veturitalli (Roundhouse) and the Salo Historical Museum SAMU, where visitors can learn about many fascinating artistic and historical phenomena.

Culture for all ages

At the Cultural Services, we are actively involved in creating and offering cultural activities for different target groups. Our goal is to promote children’s culture as well as cultural and art education, support local operators in different ways, and increase the well-being and communality of all Salo residents by means of art and culture.

Supporting the arts and culture

The City of Salo supports artistic and cultural activities in several ways. Annual grants are awarded to associations and working groups, both for regular activities and one-time projects. The city expands its service selection through outsourcing and multidisciplinary cooperation. In addition, the city hands out annual awards to artists and cultural operators who have performed particularly well in the field of arts and culture.

Feel free to contact us!

Do you have questions about current events, cultural activities for children, grants available to artistic and cultural operators, or something else? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visiting and postal address: Cultural Services, Ylhäistentie 2, 24130 Salo

Cultural Producer Suvi Aarnio, tel. +358 2 778 4982,

Cultural Producer Sini Lundgrén, tel. +358 2 778 4983,

You can find more information on the museum services in Salo, the current news and events, and the contact details of the personnel on the websites of the individual museums.


Salo Art Museum Roundhouse

Salo Historical Museum SAMU