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Customer terminals

All of the Salo libraries (except for the mobile libraries) have customer terminals equipped with an internet connection and basic software. The use of customer terminals in the libraries is free of charge.

In the Salo Main Library, there are two types of computers available to customers. The computers available for short-term use are located in the library hall. For more long-term use, the library has laptops that the customers can borrow with their library card and PIN code. These computers can be used within the library premises for three (3) hours at a time. The customer is responsible for the computer borrowed with their card. A lost or damaged device must be reimbursed to the library.

Please note that

  • changing computer settings and installing or uninstalling software is prohibited.
  • the use and viewing of inappropriate, violent, or illegal material is prohibited.

Printing, copying and scanning

All of the Salo libraries offer a possibility to print, scan, and copy materials. The prices of the prints/copies:

  • EUR 0.20/page (black and white A4)
  • EUR 0.40/page (colour A4, black and white A3)
  • EUR 0.80/page (colour A3)
  • EUR 0.40/page (double-sided black and white A4)
  • EUR 0.80/page (double-sided colour A4, double-sided black and white A3)
  • EUR 1.60 (double-sided colour A3)

The Print In City service is available to customers in the Salo Main Library and in the local libraries of Perniö and Suomusjärvi. The service is available through The service is easy to use, and anyone can register as a user with online banking credentials or a credit card and an e-mail address. After logging in, you can add credit to your print account and start using the service.

To print, you must upload or e-mail the files in question to the service. The service displays the valid prices at different print points and allows you to edit the print job settings. After the printing is completed, you can pick up the prints at a Print In City print point with your personal PIN code. For more detailed instructions, see the Print in City website.