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Interlibrary loans

For customers

If you need to borrow an item that is not in stock in any of the Vaski libraries, the Salo libraries can request the item from some other library through interlibrary lending. We can also order items in less common languages from the Helsinki City Library’s Multilingual Library and literature in Russian from the Espoo City Library’s Russian Library.

Some materials, such as regional collections, may not be available for interlibrary lending, and items such as theses or rare books can only be accessed in the library reading room. Annual volumes of magazines are usually not available for lending, but individual copies of articles can be ordered. University libraries usually only borrow course materials to their own students.

To request and borrow material, you must have a valid library card and up-to-date contact information on your account.

Loan requests

You can make an interlibrary loan request either in writing at a library, via an electronic form in the web library, or by sending e-mail to kaukopalvelu​@​salo.​fi​. If you send a loan request via e-mail, you must include your name, library card number, up-to-date contact information, and possible educational institution in the message.


Items can be ordered for free from the Multilingual Library and the Russian Library, but other interlibrary loans are always subject to a fee. When placing a loan request, the customer agrees to pay all the costs arising from interlibrary lending, and the fee will be charged when the loan is collected. The customer will also be charged for any uncollected interlibrary loans, as well as for cancelled requests if the item has already been sent.

The interlibrary service fee is EUR 4 + the sending library’s fee, up to EUR 4–19 in total per loan.

  • Libraries providing interlibrary loans for EUR 4: so-called development libraries among the Finnish city libraries (Helsinki, Joensuu, Kuopio, Lahti, Oulu, Porvoo, Rovaniemi, Tampere, and Vaasa), the National Repository Library, and the Library of Parliament
  • Other public, scientific, and specialised libraries EUR 4–19/loan
  • Copies are invoiced according to the sending library’s prices.

Loan period, renewing and returning loans

The sending library will determine the loan period for the material. We will renew our customers’ interlibrary loans as necessary and send a notification when the loans can no longer be renewed. The number of renewals allowed in different libraries varies between 3 and 99. Renewing an item is not possible if there are reservations made for it. Interlibrary loans must always be returned through the Salo libraries.

For other libraries

Salo libraries as the sender

The Salo libraries send interlibrary loans from their collections to other Finnish libraries free of charges. However, items in the reference library or the regional collections, microfilmed materials, or the most popular novelties, meaning Jokeri materials, are not available for interlibrary lending.

Please, visit Vaski web library (section Interlibrary loans for Libraries) for more information.

Salo libraries as the customer

Invoicing details of the Salo libraries:

As a rule, the City of Salo wishes to be sent electronic invoices and given a 30-day payment period.

Delivery address for e-invoices:
E-invoicing operator: Telia Sonera Finland Oyj
EDI identifier: 003703575029
Operator ID: OKOYFIHH (if your operator is a bank)
City of Salo / Educational and cultural services
E-invoicing address: 0037013953313000
Suppliers that do not have an e-invoicing system in place can, since 1 January 2017, create e-invoices using the free online invoice portal at

Delivery address for paper invoices:
City of Salo / Educational and cultural services
PO Box 299

The customer’s information to be stated on the invoice:
Customer’s cost centre: 4111 Salo Main Library
Customer: Customer’s name / Interlibrary services / Salo Main Library