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Events, camps and excursions

The youth services in Salo organise events such as various youth concerts, family events, and joint events with other operators. In addition, the youth services organise different excursions and summer camp activities for children and young people of different ages.

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Youth centres

The City of Salo has 11 youth centres around the city. The youth centres offer a wide range of guided activities mainly for children aged from 9 to 17. The youth centres provide young people with a chance to engage in hobbies, meet friends in a safe environment, enjoy their free time, and implement their own ideas. The centres also serve as venues for different clubs, courses, camps, excursions, and events.

The youth centres are non-discriminatory and safe places, where young people can spend time in the presence of youth work professionals. Moreover, the centres provide young people with an opportunity to have confidential discussions with a youth worker.

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Youth workshops

Youth workshops form a community where young people can improve the skills they need for education or working life and strengthen their life management skills through work and related coaching.

In Salo, the youth workshops are aimed at Salo residents aged 15–25 who have not received a study place or a job. The youth workshops support the young people in the form of job coaching as well as individual and group coaching.

In the workshops, each young person can work with a coach and draw up a personal plan for their future. The plan is then implemented in collaboration with the other services provided for the young person and, if necessary, with other partners in addition to the workshop.

Contact information

Visiting address: Mariankatu 12,24100 Salo

Individual coaches: +358 44 778 4829 or +358 44 778 4831

Outreach youth work

Outreach youth work carried out by the City of Salo is aimed at reaching 15–29-year-olds who are not studying or employed or who are about to be left without a study place or a job. The goal of outreach youth work is to support all young people in finding their own strengths and interests and help them make plans for the future.

Outreach youth workers provide advice on filling out applications and using different services. Outreach youth workers can also take young people for visits to educational institutions and youth workshops.

Meetings with outreach youth workers are always voluntary and confidential.

Outreach youth workers can be contacted by young persons themselves or by their parents, friends, or family, or by different services, educational institutions, the Finnish Defence Forces, or the Non-military Service Centre.

Contact information

Visiting address: Mariankatu 12, 24100 Salo


Special youth work

Special youth work in the City of Salo is aimed at young people aged 11–18 and their families. Special youth work is a needs-based service, and it is always voluntary for the young people. Special youth work involves preventive work and an early support model, which are aimed at preventing the emergence of problems among young people and stopping the potential situations from deteriorating.

Through special youth work, the City of Salo provides young people with individual support and guidance as well as group and class-based activities by means of multidisciplinary cooperation and different operating methods, and in different operating environments.

Resolving problems is easier when the troubles are still small, so contact us and let us find the solutions together!

Contact information

Visiting address: Mariankatu 12,24100 Salo

Special youth worker: tel. +358 44 778 4805